Ms. Kimberly Powers

About Me

Hello, my name is Kimberly Powers and I will be your child’s Second Grade teacher this year! I graduated from The College of New Jersey with my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, and Psychology. Some of my favorite things are pizza, ice cream, the color pink, Disney movies, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family.

As an early childhood educator, one significant component that is extremely important to me is creating a classroom that promotes healthy positive relationships amongst the teacher and the students, and parents. My educational philosophy focuses on the importance of emotional, social, physical, cognitive, and academic areas. As a teacher, I will continuously strive to provide ample opportunities for my students to engage in meaningful and playful activities that support learning in all domains. It is vital for me to provide multiple resources that help support each student in their own way to flourish and succeed educationally and developmentally. I always want my classroom to highlight the importance of their peer’s cultural, family, and individual differences. Another vital component of my early childhood philosophy is that each child has the freedom to explore through self-learning and self-discovery. I never want my students to feel restricted regarding their educational learning. It is essential that every student feels comfortable, supported, and is always encouraged to do their best. I will always strive to take advantage of every possible opportunity I have in my classroom to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning for each of my students while providing a safe, nurturing, compassionate, and diverse learning environment for all.