Virtual Learning is using technology for teaching and learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. It enables learning to take place anytime and anywhere, and does not require the instructor and the student(s) to be together. Virtual learning can be self-directed or guided by a facilitator and can take many different forms.

Self Generated

Video lessons and podcasts, self-generated by the teacher or generally available through resources such as SplashLearn, ReadWorks, Khan Academy, YouTube, TED Talks, and Google Classroom.

Open Education Resources

Assignments utilizing online textbook access or open education resources along with discussion boards and other interactive forums.

Interactive Forums

Other activities available through third-party web applications such as Quizlet and

Video Conferencing

Remote conferencing via video/audio through services such as Google Meet or Zoom.

What will assessment/assignments be like on Virtual Learning Days?

Assessments/assignments may take many forms such as electronic tests, Google Classroom, quizzes, surveys and polls, essays, worksheets, ReadWorks,, SplashMath, Web Quests, Flip Grid, Edpuzzle, meaning contribution to discussion boards and PowerPoints, to name a few. Each teacher will provide information regarding the grading for each assessment. For example, will the assignment count as class work, a quiz, or a test? When appropriate, teachers will provide a rubric to accompany a specific assignment.

Teachers will also provide a due date for each assignment. Many assignments will be due on the same day it is assigned. Some assignments will have a special identified due date. It is the responsibility of each student to meet coursework deadlines as established by the teacher.

When will Virtual Learning Day assignments be communicated?

In circumstances in which a Virtual Learning Day is deemed necessary ahead of time, teachers are asked to have their lessons posted by midnight the day before.

How often does a student need to log in on Virtual Learning Days?

Students are expected to log in, hand in assignments, or respond to emails as communicated by the teacher(s) on a daily basis. This action is necessary for students to connect with his/her teacher. Teachers will be communicating with students in many ways, not just sharing assignments. Students are responsible for receiving that communication from their teacher.

What if a student has questions or needs assistance during a Virtual Learning Day?

If a student has a question regarding a virtual lesson or assignment, the student/parent should contact the teacher via email or whatever form the teacher has specified. Teachers will be asked to check their email on Procare Center on a regular basis throughout the day in case student issues arise.

Will accommodations be made for students with learning needs and/or an ISP?

In order for teachers to continue their work in helping a student meet their academic goals for the year, teachers will make appropriate modifications to virtual lessons for specific students as needed.


Students will be deemed present if a virtual learning class or hand in the daily assignment. In the event of an absence, a student is still responsible for completing the day’s assignments.

What will a Virtual Learning Day look like for students?

1 hour of instruction – Will meet for 30 minutes one to two times a day 2-3 days per week with teacher plus assignments

2+ hours of instruction – Will meet for 30 minutes one to two times per day 2-3 days per week with teacher plus assignments.

3 to 4 hours of instruction – Will meet for 30 minutes one to two times per day 2-3 day at least 3 times per week with teacher plus assignments.

When will Virtual Learning Day assignments be communicated?

In circumstances in which a Virtual Learning Day is deemed necessary ahead of time, teachers are asked to have their lessons posted by midnight the day before.

Will follow regular class schedule

Each will post information about their virtual lessons and complete directions on a designated section of their school/course website, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, etc.

Lessons will be at least 30 minutes in length for each class each day, including time to complete any work that the students are assigned. Each lesson will be accompanied with some form of formative assessment, which the teacher may count as a grade. Upon returning to school, teachers may also assess students on material learned during the Virtual Learning Days. Students are expected to log in or hand in assignments every Virtual Learning Day, or assigned and by the due. Exceptions will apply with notice to teacher from parent or guardian.

The Value of a Virtual Learning Day

An experience of learning that is more self-directed with flexibility regarding the time and pace of study and assignment completion, will give our students another opportunity to hone their organization and time management skills.

Additionally, tools such as discussion boards for interaction and communication within a group,with individuals at various locations, are being used more frequently in education at all levels. Virtual Learning Days that incorporate this method of communication will also provide students the opportunity to fine their expertise to provide meaningful contributions in this type of forum.


What are the expected methods of communication between teachers and students on Virtual Learning Days?

Teachers and students are to follow the school’s policy regarding communication which is as follows: The school-sanctioned email address is the only authorized means of private communication between a student and a teacher. Teachers and students may communicate in public forums such as discussion boards/blogs and G Suite for Education.

What are the recommended methods of communication between/among students if a collaborative assignment is given?

If a collaborative activity is assigned, students are encouraged to communicate with one another via Class Dojo, Google Classroom, and the School Gmail.

Tech Support

What if a student has a problem with their Chromebook, or technology in general during Virtual Learning?

If a student has a problem, contact the teacher first, then Mr. Emma if the problem persists. If a student cannot access the Internet due to lack of connectivity, electrical failure, or other extenuating circumstances, please advise the teacher (s) as soon as possible.

What if a student is having difficulty accessing their online textbook(s) ?

If a student is having difficulty accessing their online textbook(s), contact the teacher first to verify that they are using the correct information regarding website address, username, and password.

Worthy of Note

Do Virtual Learning Days count as school days?

Yes. So long as Virtual Learning Days are conducted in accordance with state standards, Virtual Learning Days count towards the number of school days and do not need to be “made up ” throughout the year or at the end of the school year.

How does the Student/Parent Handbook apply to Virtual Learning Days?

The Student/Parent Handbook applies to all days, including Virtual Learning Days. There is one policy exception on a Virtual Learning Day. Students do not need to be in school uniform when working from home or a remote location. Please be reminded that all other policies apply including: Academic Integrity Policy, HIB Laws, Student Behavior, Technology Use, Mutual Respect Policy, Electronic/ Computer Use Policy, and Law Enforcement Reporting Policy, Grading Standards, and more. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook on the website for further information.